Table of Contents

Establishing a Medical Provider Network (MPN)
  • The PRIME Advantage Medical Network
  • Customer "Pre-Notification" Tool
  • Employee Notification Requirements & Material
  • Accessing the PRIME Advantage Medical Network directory
  • Obtaining Medical Treatment
  • Contacting the Keenan MPN Coordinator
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Feedback Regarding the MPN User Guide

    Establishing a Medical Provider Network (MPN)

    The following entities are eligible to establish a Medical Provider Network (MPN) any time on or after 1/1/05:

    • Self-insured employer
    • Joint Powers Authority
    • Insurer
    • State

    Medical Provider Networks can be established any number of ways. Keenan provides an easy and simplified solution for customers who are interested in establishing a medical provider network. Keenan & Associates will take care of the application, providing customers with a customer user guide and all employee notification material. While the rules allow Keenan & Associates to complete the application, the application itself must be verified and signed off by the customer.

    If you are interested in establishing a medical provider network please contact your Account Executive so that we can ensure your application is completed accurately and timely.

    This information is intended as informational only and is not intended as legal advice. We encourage you to contact your Legal Counsel for advice on these issues.

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